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Get to know the Diesel Fitness Team and how they all play a vital role in shaping your success.

Phil Wallin

Owner / Founder / CEO / Performance Specialist

Phil Wallin

Credentials: CSCC, FRC, USAW, USATF 

Specialties/Duties: Assess whoop data for all of our clients; then prescribing training, recovery, and lifestyle scripts for that day. Leads the charge on the training floor and assists any of the Diesel division. Always training daily in am, both tracking data and building scripts. “We are always learning and thriving to making daily gains!” 

Style of Training: Train like the athletes do!

Brett Campbell

Owner / Chief Operating Officer


Credentials: B.S Exercise Science, TPI Certified 

Specialties/Duties: Organize the back end systems for the Diesel businesses to run smoothly (everything from 6 month projections to daily sales.) Coach motivate and inspire clients on the floor daily.  

Style of Training: High Intensity Cardio Training 

Max Cicero

General Manager/Performance Coach

Max Cicero

Credentials: M.B.A in Exercise and Nutrition Science & B.S. in Human Performance, Exercise Phsology Concentration

Specialties/Duties: Manage all day to day operations at Diesel Fitness as well as manage all coaches on the floor. Help put my team in positions to succeed and motivate them along the way. Make an impact on so many different types of people and athletes every day.  

Style of Training: Power (different power throws, slams, and jumps) 

Mike Piskorz

GM Clearwater Location/Performance Coach

Mike Piskorz

Credentials: B.S in Exercise Physiology 

Newington, Connecticut 

Specialties/Duties: Ensure the coaching floor has high energy keeping all clientele happy and most importantly healthy. Social media duties include keeping new and fresh content flowing regularly as well as staying organized. Managing the Clearwater Facility comes with keeping the culture consistent across the Tampa Bay Area. 

Style of Training: Primal Movements (Getting into new positions and crawling.) 

Kevin Wolf

Facility Manager/Performance Coach

Kevin Wolf

Specialties/Duties: Training adults and athletes as well as general upkeep of facility, equipment and supplies. 

Style of Training: Dynamic sports specific 

Kearsten DeGolver

Front Office Manager

B.A University of Tampa

Specialties/Duties: operate the front office answering phone calls, managing new client onboarding, and membership and merchandise sales.  

Style of Training: Strength & Mobility 



“The attention to detail is incredible. The workouts are planned to perfection and the trainers are there to help you get it right. Couple that with the atmosphere on the floor and you can accomplish your goals. Maybe the best part though is that despite the work being put in, it’s a fun place to be. My experience has been great, I’ve gotten stronger and tougher. I move better than ever before. Whether there is the focus of rehabilitation or just trying to get better for the next season, Diesel has exceeded all of my expectations. I know I have found the best place to prepare myself for the season ahead.” 

Andrew Miller

Pro Athlete

“Diesel does a great job catering to the individual. No matter the age or sport they create programs to help better the athlete overall. There’s no sitting around or waiting once you’re in the facility, it’s time to work! I’ve enjoyed every offseason at Diesel and each year has only gotten better for myself and the facility. This will continue to be my gym during my professional career and far after.”

Ben Sweat

Pro Athlete

“The staff at Diesel really knows what they’re doing and are willing to help you any way that they can. If you sign up for the remote program like I did this past offseason, the staff answers any of your questions quickly and in a way that is easy to understand. Diesel is an environment that pushed me to work on a level I really wasn’t used to. But they also made it easy for me to understand how my body moves and where my deficiencies were. So even when I leave or train on their remote program I have an understanding of what I need to be doing to keep improving.” 

Sam McMillian

“From the day I met Jamie, Brett, and Phil I knew this was a place I wanted my whole family to benefit from. I enrolled the kids right away – seeing the importance of what they were doing and keeping the kids on the right track. Soon after I even recruited my husband – who is always skeptical to take on someone else’s opinions when he has played sports his whole like, but after meeting Phil he too knew this was something he wanted to be a part of. We started off coming just a few days a week to test the waters – once we realized what we could accomplish we gradually moved away from our other gym memberships and I am pretty sure you can ask anyone they will tell you that we live up there! Between us and the kids – you will always see one of us enjoying our time at Diesel!” 

Amy & Corey Holthaus

“After 20+ years of racing triathlon, I started having back issues which starter from a pars fracture in high school. My back would spasm and it would literally take me to my knees in pain. Phil started me out slow with stretching and small movements and I now can do everything I used to do before my back deteriorated on me. I still have back pain but once I roll, stretch and warm-up, can do almost anything physically that I choose to do.–I’ve had a great experience at Diesel. Phil, Jamie, Brett, and the whole gang keep you accountable but motivated all the time. I’ve been here 6+ years and I’m not going anywhere else. 

Pete Carrat


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