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Our Mission

 You have a dream, we have a plan. Personalized approach to improving your health and fitness utilizing your individual goals and analyzing data. We will utilize the data to create a game-plan for each individual. You will be training in a semi-private highly accountable culture with AM and PM training blocks in which all times there will be coaches monitoring the floor to ensure proper technique. Monthly reassessments are used to evaluate progress and build new training performance game-plans.

Fitness Performance Programs

Adult Training

  • Ages 21 +
  • Individualized Programming
  • Strength, Mobility, Conditioning
  • Monthly Reassessments

Athlete Training

  • Ages 21 & Under
  • Strength & Power Development
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Speed & Agility Training

Pro-Athlete Training

  • Specialized Sport Specific Training
  • Biomechanic & Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Individualized approach
  • Strength, Power, Mobility, Stability

Remote Training

  • Personal Performance Coach
  • Data Tracking w/ WHOOP
  • Daily/Weekly Check-ins
  • Individualized Programs

Our professional trainers will develop a customized training program for any individual Adult, Youth, Professional Athlete, or Team. We also offer Remote Training, Team Training, Health & Data Consulting and Youth Training. 





We utilize real-time data and assessments to design training programs for any individual who has a dream and work ethic to match it. A culture built on attacking daily towards one’s mission and goal(s). Accepting adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger. Team Diesel will develop confidence through preparation, ultimately leading to success at the highest levels!

Performance Training
Whoop Fitness App

Team Diesel Facility




1. physical assessment

  • Full Body Tanita Scale
  • Motus Digital Functional Movement Screen
  • Whoop Data Assessment
  • 3-Day Food Journal

3. Performance training 

 Our training programs are individually customized to fit each adult, youth or pro-athlete’s fitness goals. 

2. analyze & create a game plan

  • Training Routine
  • Recovery Routine
  • Sleep Routine
  • Set Goals

4. Track Training

  • Performance Centric Planning
  • Customized Conditioning Plans
  • Monthly Assessments


“The attention to detail is incredible. The workouts are planned to perfection and the trainers are there to help you get it right. Couple that with the atmosphere on the floor and you can accomplish your goals. Maybe the best part though is that despite the work being put in, it’s a fun place to be.

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Andrew Miller

Pro Athlete

“Diesel does a great job catering to the individual. No matter the age or sport they create programs to help better the athlete overall. There’s no sitting around or waiting once you’re in the facility, it’s time to work!”

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Ben Sweat

Pro Athlete

“The staff at Diesel really knows what they’re doing and are willing to help you any way that they can. If you sign up for the remote program like I did this past offseason, the staff answers any of your questions quickly and in a way that is easy to understand.

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Sam McMillian

Pro Athlete

“From the day I met Jamie, Brett, and Phil I knew this was a place I wanted my whole family to benefit from. I enrolled the kids right away – seeing the importance of what they were doing and keeping the kids on the right track. Soon after I even recruited my husband – who is always skeptical to take on someone else’s opinions when he has played sports his whole like, but after meeting Phil he too knew this was something he wanted to be a part of.


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Amy & Corey Holthaus

“After 20+ years of racing triathlon, I started having back issues which starter from a pars fracture in high school. My back would spasm and it would literally take me to my knees in pain. Phil started me out slow with stretching and small movements and I now can do everything I used to do before my back deteriorated on me. 


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Pete Carrat




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